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There were 17 worshiping their Lord at Lynville Christian Church yesterday.  It was a special day for Frank and us.  Frank came to LCC thirty years ago on the first Sunday in October as a temporary fill-in.  Never let it be said that we at LCC are fickle.  It’s more like once we get you in the door you are our captive!  Thank you to Frank for so many years of dedicated service going above and beyond to help fulfill the needs of our congregation.

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  • Marianne Stowers says:

    Congratulations to Frank Hungerford and Lynnville Christian Church!
    My father Robert W. Williams (Bob) was a student-pastor at Lynnville Christian Church from 1942-1944 and I lived in the parsonage with my parents the first two years of my life. He was ordained there in 1944. (Mary and Bob were married in Arkansas in 1940 before he entered Illinois College. He spent his first two years as student-pastor at the Woodson Christian Church just south of Jacksonville.)Then on to Brite at TCU. The friendships my parents made at Lynnville were precious to them their whole lives. When I entered Illinois College in 1960 I attended the Lynnville CC Christmas party which included a celebration of “Uncle Fred and Aunt Lucy” Jewsbury’s 75th wedding anniversary.
    Marianne Stowers (My husband Larry and I joined Springfield First Christian Church in 1971 after he completed his U.S. Army service.)