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“And you welcomed me…”

By September 18, 2017No Comments

Stories of hospitality
Think of a time when you got a warm welcome — maybe especially from someone you didn’t expect to extend it, or at a time when you didn’t think you “deserved” it. Or maybe you’ve got a story of gritting your teeth and making a place at the table (literally or metaphorically) for someone for whom, let’s be honest, you really didn’t want to: your boss, your kid’s girlfriend, the family member you were fighting with, the weird neighbor your spouse invited.

Are you one of those people who finds it hard to let others take care of you? Someone who’d rather do the dishes than let someone do them for you? (Maybe you’ve always really sympathized with Martha…) What does it take for you to relax? Who do you let take care of you? Think of a time you were surprised to realize you were receiving hospitality.

We’re going to be telling stories of receiving and being received, of hospitality given or withheld, both begrudging (“oh, for God’s sake!”) and loving (in the name of Christ).