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2017 Work days at Camp Walter Scott

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September 30
October 28
November 4

Call Laura at 217-739- 2332 to volunteer!

Work Projects at Camp Walter Scott

Fall 2017

1. Turn off water to shower houses- winterize
2. Remove paddle-boats from dock and store for the winter
3. Store paddle-boards/paddles/canoes properly
4. Hand sand parts of the tree house
5. Install quarter round in Cabin #2
6. Cabins, #1 and #2 – insulation, weather stripping, sealing cracks, etc
7. Finish repairs on shelters
8. Remove tarps from shelters
9. Trim tree branches
10. Cut trees and split firewood
11. Install drywall in storage area in Dining Hall
12. Remove debris from roofing areas
13. Deep clean Dining Hall tables
14. Power wash all metal roofs
15. Repair or discard trailers at shop
16. Install metal roofs – north side – small shelter & pavilion
17. Install metal roof on the shop