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The Great Eclipse of 2017

By August 7, 2017No Comments

Come play in the shadow Monday, August 21 at Camp Walter Scott in Dieterich, IL. The Great Eclipse of 2017 is casting its massive shadow in a streak across the US from Oregon to South Carolina, and it sweeps through southern Illinois! Since the next solar eclipse will be seven years from now, this is a phenomenon you do not want to miss. Some say the shadow of the moon comes upon you like a wall of darkness. describes the radiance of the streamer-like corona, or the visible outer rim of the suns light, saying, “This million-degree plasma is electrically charged and twisted by the intense magnetic fields of the Sun into a complex array of streamers, plumes, brushes, and loops. All of this surrounds the jet-black disk of the Moon appearing as an eerie hole in the heavens.”

Come for the day and share the mystical moment with fellow sky gazers, or stay the night on the campgrounds. Come in a large group and reserve a cabin, or you and your smaller group can become one with nature in a shelter. Individuals, couples, and small groups can even pitch tents to enjoy the eclipse. Let’s witness this together. Come play in the shadow.

To check availability and make a reservation email [email protected].
For more information about amenities and pricing, visit
Young adults (individuals or groups of 2-6) contact Hannah Fitch at (309) 826-2678 or [email protected] for special options.