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Here’s What’s Next – Spiritual Transformation

By August 15, 2017August 21st, 2017No Comments

Here’s What’s Next – Spiritual Transformation

God is inviting us to a deeper relationship. God is singing us a love song and welcoming us back.

More than flowery expressions, these words speak truth – the closer we are to God’s love, the more we can be God’s loving presence – spiritually transformed!

In the Regional church, we put strong emphasis on ministries of transformation – faithful change for individuals and congregations. We have many offerings coming your way.

Watch for these life-changing events –

Storytelling – Saturday, October 14 – in the Chicagoland area – led by Rebecca Anderson of Gilead Chicago – more information soon.

Geography of Grace – spiritual small groups – Saturday, February 24 at Illiopolis Christian Church – led by Melissa Ebken, Bryan Burris and Teresa Dulyea Parker.

And more for 2018 – Personality and Spirituality, another New Day retreat, and a return visit from Ruth Fletcher to talk more with us about congregational transformation.

All Disciple members and friends are invited to all of these events. Attend one event, attend all. There are many facets to our growth in God. How will you connect?

Remember – Spiritual transformation – it’s for you! Here’s the invitation you’ve been seeking.

Want to talk about where you are on your journey and how we can help? Contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]