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The Global Ministries Caribbean Initiative

By July 19, 2017No Comments

The Global Ministries Caribbean Initiative invites the whole church to witness together with the Caribbean region through education, advocacy, and support of our partners for the next eighteen months. Partner churches and organizations in Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Colombia, bring incredible gifts in their strong testimonies, as they receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. They provide us with a broader understanding of the many ways in which God is seen at work in the world and challenge us to expand our vision of the Church. Our hope and prayer is that through many and varied experiences, we will better understand the issues, priorities, successes, and struggles of sisters and brothers in the Caribbean and, in turn, be challenged to understand ourselves, our world, and our faith anew.

During this initiative, members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ celebrate relationships with the Caribbean through a variety of resources for your congregation including Bible studies, music, liturgical materials, special giving opportunities, People-to-People Pilgrimages, videos, children´s resources, and more. Additionally, there will be tools to address some of the universal challenges of the region: migration and human trafficking; the quest for peace; sustainable development in the face of climate change; and the churches’ witness for just economic policies that encourage the flourishing of life.

Join the Global Ministries Caribbean Initiative today and Embrace the Spirit!