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Dr. Joe Culpepper Crazy Guy on a Bike

Guy, Pam & I completed last week our two weeks cycling on the Grand IL Bike Tour & Pedal Across WI-Door Co. ride, plus two days on trails in MN. You can check out my daily blogs at
If you just want to see the photos, they are arranged chronologically & captioned with place & date.  Just go to the start of these two weeks (or start at the beginning if you want to see photos for my solo week back in May), click on the first entry, then click on the blue link for “Slideshow” at the top & it will pick up at that point in the “Quartet of Week-long Rides” blog.

Dr. Joe Culpepper, Retired Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Regional Elder, Decatur Cluster, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in IL/WI