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2017 Camp Challenge

Jacksonville Central Christian Church would like to challenge other congregations in the CCIW to consider sending a volunteer group to Camp Walter Scott to assist the staff in clean up opportunities.  Each camp cleans up after itself, yet there are still many things to be done to  prepare the camp for the next week of campers.  Why not send a team of   volunteers to help?

Groups can come on Saturday, or come Saturday and stay through Sunday afternoon.  This is a mini-mission opportunity.  Even if a church has no young people, it is a way for a church to be involved in, and supportive of, regional work with children and youth.  Groups will also have an opportunity to meet the staff and celebrate          improvements that have been made to the Camp Walter Scott facility.

Central Christian Church is sending a group of volunteers to the camp on Saturday, June 17th.  Come join us!

Please contact Laura Williams, CWS camp host at 217.739.2332.