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By January 4, 2017No Comments


We have been helping Belarus children for twelve years. We started helping bring children to the US from the Chernobyl area for health visits, then we started helping children in the Moglief baby orphanage, and finally in the Isle Of Hope Christian camp. We are still active at the orphanage and the camp. Along the way, we have raised $25,000! What has that accomplished?

  1. Many at the orphanage have health problems; a physical therapy center was needed so we provided it.
  2. Medical records were not well kept, so we furnished a computer which now allows better patient follow up and care.
  3. Some windows in the orphanage were in bad shape so we had them repaired/replaced.
  4. We provided a good set of diagnostic tools for our friend Tatiana.
  5. We have provided lots of clothes and shoes for the orphanage children. The never seem to have enough shoes.
  6. At the camp, we have helped with the operating/expansion costs and sent 130 children to camp. These children are orphans or from dysfunctional families

The nice thing about it is that every dollar you give goes to where it is needed because we control it. Martha and I have been to the orphanage several times and I have worked in the camp so we know the people very well. We get our direction from them. I can tell you the time spent in Belarus has been life changing

Again this year, our family gave a nice donation for Belarus for our Christmas present. It came in a Christmas card made by our Great Grandson who also contributed. It was a very good Christmas. In 2016 we raised $4500, can we top $5000 in 2017?

We will thank you and so will the Children,

Martha and Dick

Ref: Facebook – Childrens Camp in Belarus (Mogilev)
“Isle Of Hope”