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Thanksgiving offering on behalf of Higher Education

By November 14, 2016No Comments


This month, many of your congregations are collecting the Thanksgiving offering on behalf of Higher Education. As I visit churches, I’m often surprised that people aren’t aware of the 14 colleges and universities and the 7 theological institutions associated with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

HELM has produced a short video to reintroduce the church to our strong Disciples tradition of higher education and nurturing christian leaders.

The video isn’t just about the Thanksgiving offering. It’s about reminding the church of a major part of who we are as Disciples. I would invite you to share the video with your churches and your constituents as you see fit.

There is more to come. In the spring, HELM is convening a group of presidents, chief academic officers, and church relations staff, from the Disciples colleges and universities along with ministry leaders from the national church and from the regions. This summit will take place April 19-20 in Indianapolis. The goals of the summit are to:

Better understand what it means to be a Disciples related school
Discuss ways Disciples schools can better engage with their proximate regions in ways that are mutually beneficial
Identify opportunities for strategically working with the national church and the various general ministries in ways that may be mutually beneficial

This will be a historic gathering and has the potential to bring about a renewed era of collaboration in mission. More details are to come.

Thanks for your all you do in ministry and mission.

Chris Dorsey
Higher Education &
Leadership Ministries

For more information about the Thanksgiving Offering go here

Thanksgiving Offering 2016