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Volunteers Needed in Louisiana

By September 21, 2016No Comments

Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities in LA through Disciples Volunteering.

On a visit to Baton Rouge last week, Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Associate Director of Week of Compassion heard stories from several families and individuals who had been flooded out of their homes. As one woman finished telling of her nighttime evacuation and the destruction to her home, she began to ask “Why? Why me?” Yet, rather than the expected question of why such tragedy had struck her, she was asking, “Why have I received such kindness? What did I do to deserve the help of total strangers?”

Your gifts, your generosity, and your kindness do not go unappreciated.


In August, southern Louisiana experienced devastating flooding, with impacted homes receiving anywhere from a few inches of flood water up to 8 feet. With more than 110,000 households requesting assistance, it is estimated that over half a million people were impacted by the flood. The slowness with which the waters receded combined with late summer humidity put tens of thousands of homes at risk of severe mold growth and more rapid deterioration. It is critical that these homes are cleaned out: removing contents and walls that absorbed water will lead to less damage – and a lower need for assistance – in the long run.

Help is now needed to assist with this clean-up work, including the mucking and gutting of homes.

Disciples Volunteering has partnered with NECHAMA, Jewish Response to Disaster, for coordinating the work of mission teams through October 30. First Christian Church, Baton Rouge, is providing housing to mission teams which can arrive Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday and work through Sunday. Week of Compassion and the Great River Region are also partners in this response. Registration forms and more information on how you can help are available on the Disciples Volunteering website.