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Study and Discernment II

By September 12, 2016October 20th, 2016No Comments

We have had our first meeting of the Study and Discernment Committee as we consider Vision, Structure and Staffing for the Christian Church in Illinois and Wisconsin. Rev. Dr. Dick Hamm was our facilitator. His slides, handouts and notes from the meeting are linked on this page.

The Regional Church Council approved a process and the committee. Our next phase is engaging in prayerful conversation around the region. We will publish a schedule of opportunities for these conversations soon. As you can see from our schedule, we plan to have them around geography of our region and virtually.

Please take time to Study and Discern with us.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker

Tentative Process for Study and Discernment for CCIW staffing

  1. Retreat Day with Dick Hamm, 8/29, 9:30-4 p.m.
    Regional Ministry for today—context, role, spiritual discernment.
  2. Develop a plan for engaging the region in conversation—-Sept-December
    1. Regional Assembly
    2. Survey questions—what to ask and how to ask it?
    3. Gatherings: Urban Metro, Central, South, Virtual
    4. Spiritual practice
  3. What have we learned? —-Jan.
    1. Key learnings
    2. New insights
    3. Core Values
    4. What is ours (only region) to do?
    5. What do we let go of?
  4. Retreat —-February: writing proposal to recommend the Regional Church Council
  5. Report to the March Regional Church Council meeting for feedback and further conversation.
  6. Retreat—-April: What are the structural changes that need to be made? How can we best staff to accomplish the Vision?
  7. Share the Vision, Structure and Staffing recommendations with the Council for approval.
  8. Share with the region.

Committee Members

Study and Discernment Committee:
Evan Williams, C, O, Washington
Sandra Lienhop, C, L, Bloomington
Jim Bisch, C, O, Rock Island
Edward Morris, AA, O, Chicago
Camille Taylor, AA, L, Bloomington
John Huxtable, C, O, Virden
Joyce Snodgrass, C, L, Eureka
Ale Rubio, H, L, Milwaukee
Yvonne Gilmore, AA, O, Chicago
Clayton Summers, C, L, Mt. Carmel & Champaign
Colton Lott, C, L, Seminary Student
Hannah Fitch, C, L, Seminary Student

LRVP Committee Representatives:
David Geenen, C, O, Rock Island
Beth Rupe, C, O, Bloomington
Marla McElroy, AA, L, Bloomington

Ex-Officio, Cheryl Jackson, Kelly Ingersoll, Scott Woolridge, Teresa Dulyea-Parker


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