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New Day—for Spiritual Transformation

By September 7, 2016March 31st, 2019No Comments


An Open Invitation!

You’re invited to join New Day in the new year!

Let’s begin the new year with a fresh start. It’s a time of new beginnings, a time of transformation – in our personal spiritual journey and in our congregation.

Begin this journey, this New Day, with us.

On Saturday, February 18, you’re invited to join us at Carlock Christian Church in Carlock, Illinois. Ruth Fletcher, the Disciples Regional Minister in Montana will be with us to talk about nurturing the lives of congregations.  Her most recent book is titled Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations. We’re very excited to have Ruth with us.

If you’re ready for a spiritual boost in the company of like-minded folks, please join us.

Many of the congregations currently involved in New Day will also be there. You’ll hear how they have grown through learning more about spiritual practices and drawing close to God and one another.

Watch this space and the CCIW E-news for more information. You can also contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]. He’d be delighted to talk with you about what New Day can do for you!




Previously from New Day –

We are being invited to a deeper relationship with God. God is ready and we’re working on our part.

Through the Regional church, we are offering a new partnership in spiritual transformation – for individuals and congregations. We have had three New Day retreats with very good reviews. The retreats brought an invitational approach, creating a space to draw near to God and one another. We had a wonderful leadership team in Teresa Dulyea-Parker, Al Keeney, Dick Hamm, Kris Tenny-Brittian and Scott Woolridge.

The retreats focused on deepening relationships through worship, prayer and other spiritual practices. Conversations were offered to share our part of our spiritual autobiography and talk about our own uniqueness as God’s creation. We discussed what it means to be transformed, as individuals and as congregations. We were led in an exploration of our identity, our context and our Godly calling. Free time was offered to Sabbath, prayer and exploration.

One experience that enriched the retreats was an offering of Parker Palmer’s Circles of Trust, a process of spiritual discernment. Offering good listening skills and asking open-ended questions are important in this endeavor.

All along the way, we’ve talked about the journey of individual transformation having an impact on congregational transformation. What we learn about how our own change/our own calling can inform the work we do as a family of faith.

There were some congregations who encouraged several of their members to attend the retreats. We are especially hopeful this “critical mass” will have a strong, positive influence on the life of the congregation. We will offer gatherings/reunions to help sustain the transformation that has begun. Lives are being changed. New commitments to spiritual practices lead to new energy and more faithful ministry.

For more information on New Day, watch the CCIW E-news or contact Scott Woolridge—[email protected]