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Healthy Congregations—It’s for You!

By September 7, 2016No Comments

healthycongregationsAn offering of the Christian Church in IL & WI

Our vision, our goal is to work with congregations as they move toward health. We can assist in that growth and help churches realize how much more ministry they can do with greater health.

Healthy Congregations is an approach to family systems theory in the church that promotes understanding a church as a system and helps us ask and answer questions like, “What is my part in that system? How do I cope with anxiety? How can I be a helpful influence in my church’s system?”

In our Region, we have about 20 facilitators for Healthy Congregations. Peter Steinke developed these materials and we have found them very helpful in improving how we function in a church context.

In one of our reunions, we were asked, “What, in a nutshell, could we say about Healthy Congregations?” The favorite response was – Stay calm, stay connected, stay the course. We learn about managing anxiety, staying in relationship, and not getting distracted from God’s vision for us. What a gift to the church!

To learn more about this approach, visit this website – Healthy Congregations

Need help in this area of ministry? Want to talk to a Healthy Congregations facilitator in your area? Contact Scott Woolridge—[email protected]