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63 Days to Election Day 2016

By September 7, 2016No Comments


Dear Teresa

What we often experience, whenever we go to the polls, is a sense of disunity among us. The cultural context of American elections is somewhat similar to the context of sport games nowadays; Either you win or you lose. We cannot tell since when political elections have become an arena of competition, rather than a process of choosing public servants.

As the elections for a new President and other political leaders approach, Christians in this country are more concerned with the cultural implications of the election and its consequences, which can damage relationship beyond repair.

The Council on Christian Unity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) believes that Christians still can get together at the places of prayer as one body of Christ no matter what kind of political opinions we hold as citizens. In order to help you organize an ecumenical prayer service for election eve/day, Rev. Kara Markell, Lake Washington Christian Church, Kirkland, WA, has created a liturgy for an Ecumenical Prayer Service for Election Eve/Day.

This order of worship can be adapted to the particular circumstances in which it is to be used. As the Disciples of Christ, we believe that the best place we experience unity beyond differences is the Lord’s Table. If you are planning to have this service at your local congregation, I hope you celebrate the Lord’s Supper. If you decide to share Communion with ecumenical friends, however, we strongly urge you to confer with your colleagues and friends and plan it with them.

I hope that, as you gather together with your ecumenical friends to pray for your community and this nation, you truly experience the oneness in Christ and that this order of the prayer service can be of help to you as you plan a service. I am sincerely thankful for Rev. Markell. She has shared her busy life for this important ecumenical work.

Peace in Christ,
Rev. Seung Un (Paul) Tche

Source: Ecumenical Prayer Service for Election Eve/Day 2016