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Job: NAPAD Liason

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napadThe Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin is seeking an Ordained Disciple Minister to serve as part time NAPAD liason to connect NAPAD congregations and Pastors to each other, the region, NAPAD and the general church. Please see the position description on our website. Send inquiries to our Regional Minister Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker at [email protected]


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Minister for NAPAD Ministries

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) In Illinois and Wisconsin



Connect NAPAD congregations and Pastors to each other, the region, NAPAD and the general church.



Reporting to the Regional Minister-President of CCIW and NAPAD Executive Pastor.



This position is part time 10 hours/week.



  • Connect NAPAD congregations to region, and general ministries
    • Educate “who are Disciples?”
    • Educate “who are NAPAD” Disciples
    • Orientation to Disciple History and Polity
    • Initiate connection to regional events and committees.
    • Serve ex-officio on New Church and Ministry Committees; shepherding both new and affiliating congregations and Pastors through the processes.
    • Translation to allow NAPAD ministers and churches to participate in regional processes and events
    • Connecting with the Regional Church Council through written reports of NAPAD churches’ activities
    • Work with the Regional Minister and Associate Regional Ministers to enhance the connection with NAPAD ministers and congregations; weekly virtual check in with Ministry Team and Pastoral Staff.
    • Attend Regional Assembly
  • Care for NAPAD congregations and Pastors
    • Attend Korean Pastors gatherings
    • Initiate conversations with board chairs and members of our NAPAD congregations
    • Be present in all CCIW NAPAD congregations at least once a year.
    • Fostering relationships between NAPAD congregations
    • Support Search and Call process for NAPAD congregations
    • Encourage Leadership Development for NAPAD congregations through existing CCIW ministry and as new needs arise
    • Pastoral Care and Emergency contact for congregations/Pastors in crisis
    • Teach Ethics/Boundaries/PRAR for clergy and congregations
  • NAPAD General Church Relationship
    • Be in regular contact with NAPAD Executive.
    • Maintain healthy relationships and connections with NAPAD regional staff in the Pacific Southwest and Northern California-Nevada, and other NAPAD deployed staff.
    • Attend General Church NAPAD events as able
    • Report back to CCIW staff and NAPAD congregations new and emerging ministries
  • Other Responsibilities
    • Prepare and implement appropriate goals and objectives annually. Discuss and review with regional Personnel Committee and RMP.
    • Support the ministry of the regional church as assigned and relate appropriately to all manifestations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    • All honorariums received as a representative of CCIW are to be given to the region as general field receipts

Compensation:            $10,000 per year

Notice of Termination:            Thirty (30) days by either party.



      Skills, Abilities & Knowledge Required

  • Must be an Ordained Disciple Minister
  • Proficiency in one of Asian and Pacific Islanders languages and English
  • NAPAD is diverse in language and culture—must have awareness of cultural differences.
  • Must be proficient in use of social media
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • At a minimum, have knowledge or willingness to gain knowledge of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) polity, organization and structure
  • Feel comfortable working in a setting where spiritual, cultural, and religious matters are commonplace and all persons are fully affirmed
  • Punctuality in working hours and ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Highest commitment to confidentiality in all matters
  • Basic conflict management skills


      Tools and Equipment Used

  • Including, but not limited to: phone, personal computer, printer, fax machine, calculator, copiers, shredder, scanning machine


Bench Marks

  • Translation of documents for Ministry Committee and New Church
  • More NAPAD representation on ministries of region
  • Congregations moving through the New Church process
  • A leader development event specifically planned for NAPAD congregations
  • Present in congregations—
  • Present in Pastoral gatherings