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Empowering Communication Supporting Faith Communities

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Empowering Communication Supporting Faith Communities

Empowering Communication gives pastors the ability to embrace everyone in their flock, and minister with integrity and care. It provides a framework for facilitating dialogue in committees and boards, deepens one’s skills in pastoral care, and supports pastors to deal sensitively and honestly with irritations and conflict in ministry. Empowering Communication has been or is being taught to seminarians at Luther, Western Theological, and Princeton Seminaries. It is both a model and consciousness that helps pastors live and teach the heart of the gospel. Jesus taught us to love unconditionally, to be self-responsible, and refrain from judging, but how do we put these teachings into practice? How do pastors model vulnerability and strength?  For me, Empowering Communication is a spiritual roadmap that helps me cross the human divides that manifest in the church and in the world. It has given me clarity in conflict large and small, to see what all parties are valuing, to find strategies that meet the needs of individuals, and at the same time, to keep the mission of the church central.

I invite you to join me for a retreat at the beautiful Prairiewoods Retreat Center, Oct. 16 – 18.

                                          -Rev. Leslie Ritter-Jenkins


10-16-16 Prairiewoods Flyer

Flyer Presentation – What is – FaithC