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Love Wins

By June 14, 2016No Comments

Our hearts are broken once again – this time by the hateful violence at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando:

  • to those who lost loved ones –may you be surrounded with love in your grief and loss;
  • to the injured and your families, may you know healing and hope;
  • to the brave first responders and caregivers – as you face the memories of what you witnessed, may you find peace of mind;
  • to LGBTQ neighbors – beloved of God – to families, allies and friends –may you find courage and hope in the knowledge of our love.
  • To Muslim neighbors and friends – we know that such violence does not represent who you are any more than the actions of extremist Christians represent who we are. We stand together.

Sadly, today we also remember the first anniversary of the mass shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. We continue to mourn with families and communities still grieving over that awful day.

We think about the many – too many –  mass shootings of this past decade alone – Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Charleston and now Orlando. In this confluence of many social and international currents, the search for policies and processes to help prevent these acts will be complex. But it must begin with a rejection of hate and violence.

Through it all, this is the time to reach out to each other – as secular communities and communities of faith – as one human family knit together by God who loves us. Let us take action, in ways small and large, to show that love is stronger than hate. Love wins.