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Sessions 2016 You are called by Name!

unnamedWow!  Sessions 2016 takes place in less than 3 months at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.  We have a great line up of speakers:  Todd Adams, Alvin Jackson, Newell Williams, Warren Carter, and Rita Nakashima Brock.  Song leaders include Dean Phelps and John Malget.

Come if you are a man who want to rediscover this God who calls us by name.
Come if you are a man who want to learn how be build better Men’s Fellowship Groups.
Come if you are a young man who is looking at Texas Christian University as your future school.  ($100.00 Scholarships are available)
Come if you a a parent of someone looking at Texas Christian University.
Just COME!




You are a man, active in leadership in a congregation, or you would probably not be reading this far. You may be wondering, “Is it worth the trip?”

We, the General Conference of Disciples Men, know that it is. We all struggle with many of the same problems in our congregations and we know the value of fellowship, Bible study, exploring our calling as leaders, hands-on mission, and having fun while doing all that.

The Sessions agenda includes hearing about “Being a Man in the Local Church” from Todd Adams and “Three Big Mistakes Churches Make” from Newell Williams.

There will be workshops both introspective and practical, repeated so all can participate. We will learn about “Soul Care” with Rita Nakashima Brock and “Fiduciary Responsibility” with Todd.

We will hang our hats out and about with optional activities, a bus tour of Fort Worth, a walking tour of the TCU campus, or a mission project at a local food pantry.

Alvin Jackson will rally us at the beginning and lead us in Sunday morning worship with proclamation and hope as we set off for home knowing that we have been called by name and with new experiences to share where we hang our hats.

The program starts with dinner at 6:00 pm, Friday, July 8 and ends after 8:30 am worship on Sunday, July 10.


DOWNLOAD a Sessions2016 Flyer (8.5 X 14) for your Website or for printing.

For a publicity video click: HERE