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¡Missionworks! is an experience for pastors, mission board members, and anyone interested in global mission to connect with the global work of the church. Over the weekend of Aug. 26-28 you will find out how to build on your congregation’s existing passion for mission and receive tools for sharing about God’s mission in the world.

¡Missionworks! will help you to:

Pray – Discover music, prayer, and worship resources that will connect your congregation to life-giving partner ministries.

Engage – Learn first-hand from international partners, missionaries, and Global Ministries staff about issues affecting communities around the world and how your congregation can work together to address these challenges.

Celebrate – Hear the Good News of how the global church is making a difference in the world through your support and efforts.

Global Ministries is also excited to be joined by:


Bishop Munib Younan of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. Bishop Younan will be delivering a keynote Saturday morning on the importance of protecting Christian communities in the Holy Land, and share ideas on how American Christians can share in the important advocacy work being done.


Rev. Johnson Mbillah of the Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa will be presenting a keynote Saturday afternoon on the current situation of Christian-Muslim relationships in Africa and sharing how the Christian communities in Kenya and Nigeria have responded in the aftermath of violence to work towards reconciliation.

Learn more and Register: Global Ministries ¡Missionworks!