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Summer School at Christian Theological Seminary

By April 27, 2016No Comments

Christian Theological Seminary invites you to the Commissioned and Licensed Ministers’ Summer School, Monday, June 13 through Thursday, June 16. Join us for a special learning experience with Dr. Rick Lowery, on the theme of “The Minister as Priest and Prophet.” The course will explore biblical understandings of priestly and prophetic ministry. Students will look at ways these roles overlap and diverge in various texts of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, with particular attention to their social-historical, political and economic contexts. Participants will reflect together on the responsibility of priests and prophets to serve as mediators of the life-giving, often precarious relationship between the sacred realm and the everyday life of the community of faith — and discuss how the biblical visions of these callings inform our own sense of ministry in the world today. Summer School includes daily chapel, meals and conversation that is renewing and transformative. And do all this in fellowship with a welcoming group of Licensed and Commissioned ministers!

Books include:
Marty Stevens, Leadership Roles of the Old Testament: King, Prophet, Priest, Sage (Wipf and Stock, 2012) ISBN: 9781610974080
Walter Brueggemann, Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks (Eerdmans, 2014) ISBN: 9780802870728

Register here. Deadline June 8, 2016

After you have registered, you will receive more detailed information. For on-campus housing or other questions, contact Sarah Evans, [email protected] or (317) 931-2303.