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CWS Center & Heifer Ranch

By April 4, 2016 April 7th, 2016 Events, news

A Mission Trip:

Church World Services Disaster

Center & Heifer Ranch

October 31 – November 5, 2016

Members of the Illinois Conference UCC and Illinois-Wisconsin Region DOC are invited to be part of a “hands on” mission experience at the Church World Services Disaster Center and Heifer Ranch in Little Rock, October 31 – November 5, 2016. We’ll take with us the Disaster Clean-up Buckets and disaster kit, school kit and health kit items collected by local churches at Fall Association Meetings.

A fifth load of completed buckets (100), empty buckets (about 400) and miscellaneous items for assembling buckets, school kits and health kits were delivered last fall to the Church World Service Center in Little Rock by a team of fourteen persons from Illinois churches. While in Little Rock they spent three days assembling buckets, school kits and health kits and an environmental project. They also visited nearby Heifer Ranch, Heifer International’s downtown headquarters and Central High School, site of historic school desegregation. The response of participants to the projects, tours, food and housing was so positive that this trip is being offered again.


Plans are to leave by bus early on Monday, October 31 and return on Saturday, November 5th. Work projects and mission experiences, some side trips and fun will fill Tuesday through Friday. Housing for up to 19 will be available in The Lodge at Ferncliff Camp where the CWS Center is located. Meals Tuesday through Friday will be provided by the camp. Meals while traveling will be the responsibility of each individual. The cost for travel, housing and meals is $350. Tentative departure time & location is 8:00 a.m. at St. John UCC in Lincoln.

For more information please contact:

Dave Kniker at 309-853-7814 or [email protected]

Please encourage your local church to collect disaster, health & school kit items beginning now – and take the collected items to your Fall Association Meeting.

DOC churches should being kits and materials to the Regional Assembly in October

Information on clean-up, school & health kits is found at : www.cwsglobal.org

Registration: LITTLE ROCK TRIP16-Reg.