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Work Projects at Camp Walter Scott

By March 8, 2016No Comments

We need your help in getting Camp Walter Scott ready for the season!  Join us on March 19th, starting at 9am. Lunch will be provided. Please let our Camp Host, Laura Williams, know if you plan on helping out: 217-739-2332


Spring 2016cwslogo

  1. Turn on water to shower houses, test plumbing
  2. Finish laying flooring in Cabin #2
  3. Deep clean kitchen
  4. Organize/ clean basement
  5. Install new CWS sign
  6. Put tarps on shelters
  7. Finish repairs on shelters, including tarps Shelter 7 needs a roof repair
  8. Cabins, #1 and #2 – insulation, weather stripping, sealing cracks, etc
  9. Check/clear all trails – add wood chips to trails
  10. Trim tree branches
  11. Cut trees and split firewood – we can always use more
  12. Assemble bench for frog pond
  13. Finish cleaning the beach
  14. Kill weeds around lagoons + duckweed
  15. Power wash all metal roofs
  16. Repair or discard trailers at shop
  17. Install metal roof – north side – small shelter
  18. Install metal roof on the shop

2016 Work days at Camp Walter Scott

March 19
May 21

Call us at 217-739-2332 to Volunteer!