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2016 Stepping Into Stewardship

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Scholarship Application

The purpose of this scholarship is to create a generosity network across the life of the Christian Church (Disciple of Christ). This network will be comprised of individuals endorsed by a Region of the Christian Church who are willing and able to participate in specialized training provided by the Center for Faith and Giving. The intent is that these persons will become resource agents in the geographical area where they reside to assist the Center for Faith and Giving in fulfilling its vision to create a culture of generosity across the life the whole church. These individuals will become assets to the church in the teaching of the biblical and theological aspects of stewardship and the financial “best practices” that should be observed by 501c3 non-profit agencies (specifically the church).

It is anticipated that members of the generosity network will share their knowledge with congregations and their regional organizations on a “not for fee” basis as assigned or requested by the regional minister or; as requested (subject to availability) by other congregations in close geographical proximity. (Members of the network will be allowed and encouraged to accept reimbursement for reasonable and customary travel expenses.) In essence, they will become “generosity advocates”.

It is understood that the applicant is applying for a reimbursement scholarship which will be paid upon completion of full participation in the Stepping into Stewardship event. The payment will be made as follows: up to $300 for reasonable and customary travel expenses* to Orlando, FL; up to $300 for reasonable and customary lodging expenses at the event hotel (Double Tree, Sea World) for the dates March 30 and March 31, 2016; waiver of the registration fee ($149). All expenses must be documented (itemized receipts), and submitted to the Center for Faith and Giving no later than April 30, 2016. Registration fees will be waived at the time of registration via a coupon code to be provided to those awarded this scholarship. Meals and other incidental expense are your own responsibility.

The applicant is further agreeing to participate in additional on-line training to be provided at no cost to the individual during the calendar years 2016 and 2017. An additional expectation is that the participant will attend the 2017 North American Conference on Christian Philanthropy (Dates and location are yet to be determined. This commitment to attend the NACCP is contingent upon the Center for Faith and Giving receiving a grant to fund similar scholarships to those being awarded in 2016).

The Center for Faith and Giving extends its appreciation to the Oreon E. Scott Foundation for the grant which made this program possible. We are also grateful for our partners in regional ministry who have nominated candidates for this project. Grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. A total of 15 grants totaling up to $750 each will be awarded. Pastors or lay persons interested in becoming a part of the generosity network who do not receive a scholarship are still encouraged to participate in Stepping Into Stewardship and the other activities outlined above.


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2016 Stepping Into Stewardship Scholarship Application
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