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New Day 2016 – We’re Expanding!

By December 15, 2015March 31st, 2019No Comments

newdaylogoWhen the dream of New Day 2016 began, the focus was on spiritual transformation for congregations and their leaders. This has been shared on our website and in two preview events last year.

Different from any other approach we’ve used in our Regional church, New Day 2016 hones in on our relationship with God and seeking God’s leading. Bringing the power of spiritual life to the work of church will surely bring transformation.

Now we’re thinking more broadly. There are congregations that, for a number of reasons, may not be ready for New Day 2016. However, there may be many leaders around the Regional church interested in pursuing their own personal, spiritual transformation. New Day 2016 is now for them, too! We’re inviting all church leaders to be a part of this adventure. There is much to be gained.

For more information about New Day 2016. Here’s a pdf of the newest info about New Day!

In the meantime, watch these videos of Regional church staff giving their testimonies about spiritual transformation and about feeling close to God.

And, put these dates on your calendar for our two training retreats at Lake Williamson near Carlinville, Illinois –

April 22-25 and July 15-18

Here are some videos that will give you a flavor of New Day 2016 –

View the New Day Playlist