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Believe Again in a Deeper Hope

By December 1, 2015October 11th, 2019One Comment


All of Regional church ministry focuses on shared ministry in the local congregation and is most visible when a congregation is in transition.

It might involve saying a good “good-bye” to a minister who is retiring—having a special worship service where we affirm the minister’s gifts, say “thank you,” and share a great meal together.

There is help in securing an interim minister—creating a job description, listing the gifts and skills needed and deciding on compensation.

In the time between called ministers, the congregation has the help of Regional church staff to get ready for what’s next—getting clearer and healthier as a congregation—clear about who we are, our context for ministry and what God wants us to do. This is an exciting time and a chance to look at relationships, power dynamics and habits that can enhance our ministry together.

Then a search committee is trained to begin their prayerful process of calling the next pastor. Regional

church staff serves as constant companion, a helper for the journey, providing experience, wisdom and pastoral care to help church leaders do a great job.

Leaders talk about the pivotal nature of these days of transition in the church and how valuable it is to have a Regional church staff person work alongside them.

The staff and volunteers in the Regional church also serve local congregations and their leaders by—

Promoting congregational transformation
Starting new churches
Providing awesome camps and youth events
Offering mission opportunities
Leading anti-racism training
Creating global connections in Guatemala & other countries

The Regional church depends on your gifts to the Christmas offering to fuel these life-giving ministries. Thank you for giving as generously as you are able to the ministries we share through the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin. Your gifts make a difference!

100% of your gifts to the Christmas Offering
support CCIW.

One Comment

  • Excellent information, worded in uncomplicated, easy-to-understand language. Often, local churches receive communications from the Regional or General church in churchese which is English which has been truncated to sound ecclesiastical, but does not convey thoughts which can be translated into action easily .