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SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 PARK MANOR CHRISTIAN CHURCH 600 East 73rd Street Chicago, IL 60619 (773) 483-2115 (773) 483-2431 (Fax) E-mail: [email protected]

Reconciliation Grant Project/Program Narrative

In 20 or fewer words, describe how the grant monies will be utilized.

Grant monies will be used for school supplies and food for well-balanced hot meals, including vegetables and fresh fruit.

  • MISSION: The mission of Park Manor Christian Church, a Disciples of Christ ministry, is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, we witness through love, worship, service and fellowship beginning at our doorsteps and embracing the world.
  • FOUNDING DATE: November 18, 1888
  • MAJOR PROGRAMS (Functional Ministries and Departments):

~Worship Department
~Elders Board
~Diaconate Board
~Christian Education
~Youth Ministry
~Ushers Board
~Membership Department
~World Outreach Ministry
~Christian Action
~Electronic/Social Media Ministry
~Health Ministry
~Finance Department
~Disciples Men/Women Groups
~Bereavement Ministry
~Married Couples Ministry

  • Other current Funding sources

~ Donations from the Congregation

  • What are the key elements and/or activities of the proposed project/program?

~Assistance with academics ~Safe haven for children after school ~One on one assistance with homework ~Spiritual guidance and parental involvement ~A nutritious meal – including fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Why are you proposing this project/program? ~Need – in the church community ~Mobility rate 41.2%
  • What, if any, current or long term issues specific to your community does the project/program address?

~Number of single parents households ~Percent of low income families ~Percent of low achieving students attending neighborhood school ~Percent of children receiving free breakfast and lunch ~Statistical data secured from the school web page

  • How does the project/program further the funding priorities identified earlier in the application?

~It will not be necessary to request funds from the congregation – such donations may then be applied to other areas of need

  • Provide a timeline (key steps to be taken, when they will occur, who will do them) for implementing this project/program.
  • *(To be done by the director and volunteers)

~Visits to school, meeting with principal (Aug. 17 – 21, 2015 ~Attendance at Church’s annual Back to School Rally to recruit and

register students and to meet parents/guardians (Aug. 22, 2015) ~Attend open house at neighborhood schools (Sept. 2015) ~Personal telephone calls and/or letters to students who previously attend the After School Program (Aug. 25 – 28, 2015) ~Program will begin September 29, 2015 and end June 14, 2016

  • List any organizations or churches that you will be collaborating with while implementing this project/program.

~Various PMCC organizations including Disciples Men and Women ~Park Manor Elementary School (Principal and Dean of Students) ~Tanner Elementary School (Profile similar to Park Manor Elementary)


What steps will you take to evaluate this specific project/program?

~Parent surveys, student surveys ~Verbal interactions with students and parents ~School visits – open house

  • How will you know that the project/program has been successful?

~Continuous attendance ~Positive feedback from parents ~Attendance of students in Sunday School, Church and Vacation Bible School ~Attendance of parents to worship services and various activities sponsored by Park Manor Christian Church


Source: Reconciliation Grant Project 1