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8th Annual Bicycle Adventure

By July 13, 2015No Comments

The 8th annual Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure is coming to our church in July!  A charity bicycle ride featuring a large group of cyclists ranging in age from 15 to 73 will depart from Oceanside, CA. on an ocean-to-ocean journey to raise money for the fight against poverty housing.

Funds from the eighth annual Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure will benefit The Fuller Center for Housing, a Georgia-based nonprofit celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The 4,000-mile journey from Oceanside to Portland, Maine, is broken up into 10 segments (we are part of segment 7) of about one week each. Each segment will have about 40 riders on it at a time, with 24 riders making the entire cross-country trip.

In addition to raising money for The Fuller Center, cyclists will stop to work on home repair projects with six different Fuller Center partners along the way.

This year’s volunteer Bicycle Adventure leader is Lydia Huelskamp, a 2014 graduate of Biola University who joined last year’s ride in search of a mere summer adventure, but that adventure became a life-changing experience.

“Last year when I joined the bike adventure I thought I was just signing up for a bike ride,” Huelskamp said. “I soon discovered that it’s so much more than that. I found myself immersed in such a great community with the other cyclists and the giving people we met all across the country.”

“I knew whether it was a sunny day, a windy day, or a rainy day that each pedal push was worth it. I’m so excited that this year I get the opportunity to lead others through this amazing adventure and see what this bike ride has in store for them!”

Traveling about 75 miles per day, the Bicycle Adventurers are scheduled to arrive Aug. 15 in Portland, Maine, where they will dip their front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean.

For the last seven years, the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure has helped hundreds of people have some of the most meaningful experiences of their lives.  They come to ride bikes and change lives by building houses along the way.

On July 22, around noon to mid-afternoon the bicyclists will be arriving at our Church. They will be riding in from Beardstown Il. Each town they stop in is spent working on a home of someone in need, at no charge to them.

Dwight is going to have a short evening service on the 23rd and the cyclists would like to meet as many Church members as possible. They also have a brief DVD they would like to share with us.

Their purpose driven journey in support of the Fuller Center for Housing allows them to live out the Christian Faith in service to God and those in need of a simple, decent place to live.

Please come and join us in supporting the cyclists.  Any questions just give me a holler.


Thank you

Zeda Elliott 691-2938