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Spiritual Direction

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“There is more to life than the mere management of our days to achieve comfort and security in the shifting landscape of our lives.”

Spiritual Direction Is Available

Listening with a second pair of ears . . . a Spiritual Director invites us to slow down; open to life as holy encounter, not traveling so fast everything becomes a blur.

Walking alongside . . . a Spiritual Director encourages us to open our eyes and experience the wonder of our journey.

  • A Spiritual Director listens with you, encouraging you to embrace your own life-journey!
  • A Spiritual Director does not fix, furnish, or find anything you do not already have!
  • A Spiritual Director allows your ability to help yourself —
    • discern your life decisions,
  • become more aware of (and experience) the “Mystery” in your life,
  • grow in self-awareness and embrace your spiritual growth.

Certified Spiritual Directors in our region are willing to discuss spiritual direction options described below:

  • Group Spiritual Direction: regular sessions scheduled with and by group consensus.
  • Directed Retreats: for individuals or groups in various time-frames and settings.
  • Spiritual Direction for Individuals: typically 60-minute monthly sessions as determined by the directee & director.

All three options offer a partnership toward being open to God for growth; for involvement in kingdom building; for intimacy as a beloved child of God. (Financial arrangements are discussed at the initial session, before any decision to continue.)

For a list of active CCIW spiritual directors, look under “Ministry” on the regional website (

Sacred experiences are not to be captured and possessed. These encounters are to surprise us and keep our hearts and minds open to the ways (and the ones) by which they come to us upon our way.

Source: Spiritual Direction Is Available