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Since you asked. . .

By April 7, 2015November 7th, 20152 Comments

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a wonderfully diverse community of believers. We are held together by our desire to follow Jesus, and by our common gathering at the Table at his request. Recently, our General Board made a decision to move the 2017 General Assembly from Indianapolis. This decision was based on a number of factors related to a RFRA law passed by the State of Indiana. The number one concern was for our members, specifically our LGBT members. Each member of the body of Christ is valued, wanted, loved. None of us is beyond the care of our Creator. . . no matter who we are or what we have done.

The RFRA law in Indiana has since been amended and protections for all of Indiana’s citizens/visitors has been guaranteed. The General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) gathers in Kansas City April 11-14. It will revisit the decision to move the 2017 Assembly.

In the world of Christianity, Disciples are a drop in the bucket. In the world, we are a tear drop in the ocean. Our sphere of influence won’t gain us a lot of attention as “movers and shakers” in the shark tank. But, in this case we lent a voice, others came lent their voices, and others came along side, and others. This story is not about how mighty we are, but how change can happen when we use the influence we have on behalf of the common gathering Table.

Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker


  • As Disciples of Christ, we may struggle over interpretation of scripture and Jesus’ wishes for us as we relate to our LGBT members. However, the Disciples of Christ movement, since it’s founding has rejected the notion that anyone has the right to refuse anyone access to the table. Furthermore, the rejection of anyone from love, care, and support is in direct odds with Jesus’s teaching. Therefore, I appreciate the decision to move the Assembly out of Indiana, as well as the plan to revisit that decision as Indiana struggles to correct the bad law they have created.

  • Dear Teresa,

    Thanks for sharing this story on the Diciples taking a stand on the LGBT issue. I still think of the gay pastor who officiated at my wedding and could not serve in the Presbyterian Church. A gay couple took me in when I was critically ill in Bethesda, MD and nursed me back to health. I will always love these wonderful people and take a stand for their inclusion in the greater community of life.

    Hope to see you at the Clergy Cluster in April. I had a wondrful Easter with my son, Drew, who is graduating for high school in Bethesda, MD in May. I am looking forward to being there to cheer for him.


    Amy E. Booker-Hirsch