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2015 Pentecost Special Day Offering

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Thank You Notes from Root and Branch

We’ve received thank you notes from our newest new church start. Here’s how lives are being changed through you gifts to the Penecost offering –

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Movement is growing, contrary to ‘expert’ opinion

by Hope Partnership staff

Pentecost Special Offering Disciples Missions Fund

Despite expert opinion, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation declares that the Church is not dying, but is alive amid a thriving Pentecost movement. Hope Partnership invites everyone to join this movement with the 2015 Pentecost Offering on Sundays, May 17 and May 24.

“This year’s offering theme, new churches are growing in the light, focuses on the great progress Disciples are making in starting new churches and introducing more individuals to Christ, despite expert opinion that the Church is dying,” says Charlie Wallace, minister of New Church Strategies for Hope Partnership. “We are excited about the Pentecost Offering message this year, which emphasizes the importance of shining light in dark places, spreading the gospel and loving people back to life during challenging times,” he adds.

“This year’s promotional materials include a two and a half minute

The video was created and produced by Rev. Elizabeth Myer Boulton, founder and creative director of the SALT Project. Boulton, a former new church pastor, understands firsthand the significance of the Pentecost Offering.

Each year, the Pentecost Offering supports the Disciples new church movement by making it possible for the Church to recruit, assess, train and coach new church leaders. One half of the offering is dedicated to each respective region or area where the offering is taken, while the other half is used by Hope Partnership to support new church ministry.

“A gift to the Pentecost Offering helps inspire dreams, enables our new church pastors to develop clear vision and keeps the new church movement alive,” says Gilberto Collazo, president of Hope Partnership.

To date, the Pentecost Offering has supported the start of 850 new churches in the United States and Canada, spreading the gospel to more than 60,000 individuals, who may not have had a relationship with God. Every week during worship, 28 languages are spoken in Disciples congregations.