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Blessed UpRising!

By March 30, 2015April 14th, 20154 Comments

For the last 7 months I have been reading Brian McLaren’s book called, We Make the Road by Walking. It’s about becoming more fully alive in our faith, life and ministries. The period through Lent has been focused on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount which calls for a different way of living; an uprising. Uprising is not language we often use in the church to talk about what Jesus did or what we currently do.

It’s provocative to think about—that we are supposed to be part of an uprising—calling the powers of domination, submissive control, injustice and peacekeeping to account to God’s Kingdom of relationship, love, sharing power, justice and whole peace. Following Jesus means being on a way that is so starkly different from the way of empire. Holy Week shows us the cost of this way. It also shows us the meaning and purpose of this way—a way toward life uprising.

I am praying that our beings, our congregations, our ministries will be filled with this kind of uprising life.

Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker

Our greatest glory in not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. Ralph Waldo Emerson