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A Notice from the Region

By December 9, 2014No Comments

Dear Colleagues in Christ,

After years of engagement and heartfelt, prayerful conversation, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin has received word that our congregation in formation Network Christian Church and their Pastor Dan Jassman have decided to withdraw from the denomination. Network as a congregation in formation was started by our Region in 2009. We have been supporting this ministry for 5 years under the care of the New Church Establishment Committee.

As a result of the action of Network Christian Church and in an attempt to be good stewards, the Executive Committee of the Regional Church Council, who are the Trustees of our resources including the fund that was used to support Network, has responded to this breach of covenant by asking for a restoration of funds. The donors, University Christian Church Legacy fund, gave it specifically for a new Disciple congregation in the Bloomington/Normal area. This was understood by all parties when we signed our initial covenant and has been reviewed on an annual basis as part of the New Church Establishment process.

The Executive Committee will negotiate final terms of the dissolution of our covenant with Network Christian Church. Our Regional Church Council invites you to be praying for this process.

If you have questions please contact our Regional Staff or members of our Executive Committee; Rev. Cheryl Jackson, Rev. Terry Foland, Rev. Kelly Ingersoll, Ms. Marla McElroy, Mrs. Brenda Culver, Rev. Becky Kirby.