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Disciples Home Missions Summer Interns

By November 24, 2014No Comments

Disciples Home Missions is inviting applications for summer mission interns, and we need your help. This is such a great program for leadership development as well as summer adventure! But among our biggest challenges is getting the information into the hands of potential applicants. We know that not all of you work directly with young adults; we are asking if each of you would please forward this message through your networks to pastors, congregational leaders, and others who can directly share this invitation for young adults to engage in servant leadership next summer. And for those who can, please help us by getting this information directly into the hands of potential applicants.

We’ve attached a flyer here that describes the program and gives links to the on-line application, deadlines and other such information. Can you share this with young adults you could imagine serving in this summer ministry? Short answers to the most frequent questions:


The internships are for young adults age 20-27 (as of late May 2015)

The application deadline is February 5

And yes, you get paid.

Here’s something new in 2015: An Early Placement option. If an application and all recommendations are in by January 7, the applicant may get news as early as January 16. Who wouldn’t want the stress-reliever of having a summer plan before winter is done?!?

More information, including a link to the application, can be found at Disciples Home Missions

Other questions? Call us; we’ll help however we can.

Disciples Volunteering
Josh Baird, Director (985) 778-6915
Brenda Tyler, Ministry Associate (317) 713-2642
Deb Conrad, Intern Coordinator (502) 550-1236