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Nominating Committee at Regional Assembly

By September 15, 2014No Comments

The Nominating Committee has completed its work and presents this official list of nominations for election at the 2014 Regional Assembly. The election will take place at the banquet.
Our thanks to Rev. Larry Jackson, Chair; Rev. Dawn Ingram, Jim Trefzger, Rev. Kathy Frus, Sharon Maggart, Mark Rupe, Louann Scobbie

Nominations for 2014-2016
Moderator: Rev. Cheryl Jackson
Moderator Elect: Rev. Kelly Ingersoll
Past Moderator: Rev. Terry Foland
Treasurer: Marla McElroy
Secretary: Brenda Culver

Long Range Vision and Planning Chair: Rev. Katherine Bryant Graves
Regional Assembly Chair: Rev. Robin Spurling

At Large must include 4 lay people
At Large 2016: Rev. Roberto Romero
At Large 2016: John Bender
At Large 2018: Rev. Beth Rupe
At Large 2018: Hyein Park
At Large 2020: Jared Reno
At Large 2020: Alejandra Romero