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Good News

“Good News” Story Snack Pack

By September 11, 2014No Comments

Dear Snack Pack Contributors,

Thank you for your gifts towards the Glen Oak Christian Church Snack Pack program. We have crunched the numbers for 2013-2014 and would like to share our “Annual Report” with you. This two page document captures what has been possible because of the many contributors of time, talent and funds. Please feel free to share this document with others who might be interested in knowing what your gifts have made possible this year. We have many stories, testimonials and highlights if you would like more details too! Just let us know.

Thank you,

Glen Oak Christian Church

Good News

Glen Oak Christian Church which is located on the East Bluff of Peoria, Illinois at the corner of Atlantic and Republic began a pilot weekend snack pack ministry in September 2012. During 2012-2013 the ministry served the children, families and teachers of Glen Oak Community Learning Center a K-6 Peoria Public School located two blocks from the church. The first snack packs were shared with 269 children and families who had completed the participation process and by the end of the school year over 600 children had received at least one snack pack during the year and the last delivery in May 2013 was for 552 individually named snack packs. This collaboration was made possible by food donations from Mid-West Food Bank and individuals, plus financial gifts from the Community Foundation of Central Illinois, Church Women United-Peoria, and First Christian Church-Peoria and community members. Volunteers filled the paper sacks each Thursday with four individually wrapped food items such as Ramen noodles, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate and a breakfast bar. Glen Oak Christian Church identified this as an Outreach Ministry and supported it through the annual budget as well as above and beyond giving of individuals.

During the academic year of 2013-2014, Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Learning Center was added as an additional school and more financial contributors and community volunteers joined in the food ministry. The total number of children participating grew to over 1000 each week; averaging 660 children at Glen Oak and 330 children at Valeska. The number of volunteers packing each week averaged 15 including both retirees from the church and community as well as young adults from the neighborhood. A complete data report shows that nearly 30,000 snack packs were shared during the 2013-2014 school year.

The 2014-2015 school year has a proposed budget for food of $28,800 = 1000 snack packs x 20 cents per item x 4 items x 36 weeks. If Mid-West Food Bank is able to provide 25% of the food or an in-kind gift of $7200 the remaining needed funds will total $21,600. Although grants and foundation requests are being made, any and all financial support from indidiudasls, churches or the community in general will ease the financial concerns and make this ministry possible.

Glen Oak Christian Church is pleased to recognize and thank the school administration, teachers, parents, community members as well as the many congregational members from a variety of churches who make this ministry possible. We are happy to share our story with anyone who might be interested either in print or through a presentation. As the ministry grows, we have been contacted by six other churches who have expressed interest in a food ministry. We welcome all and enjoy sharing our process and strategies. Whether it is one classroom, one grade or a school, this is ministry is making a difference. Thank you!