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Good News

“Good News” Story FCC Canton

By September 5, 2014No Comments

How much is 21 ounces? It is a lot less than that Big Gulp at the gas station. My coffee loving friends tell me it is less than they drink in the mornings. I know it is less than the 24 ounce Diet Pepsi Max that I am lifting to drink right now.

This special 21 ounces actually lifted the whole congregation at First Christian Church in Canton, IL. The church began praying for Emily, a vibrant, healthy, elementary school teacher, very early in her pregnancy. Her first pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage. She was hospitalized this time at 22 weeks with serious complications. And the congregation prayed.

There were many ups and downs in the next several weeks. Emily was confined to the bed. The doctors said the baby had to be delivered at only the 27th week. And the congregation prayed.

Scarlett came into the world at 21 ounces and 11.5 inches long. She was so small, but a real fighter. There were many fears for this child that represented the 5th generation of one of our church’s families. And the congregation prayed.

In the first picture of Scarlett, she had tubes attached to her as she lay in that special incubator. She also had her small medical identification bracelet clear up her arm. No, wait, that band was actually Aaron’s (her Dad) wedding ring. Scarlett was in the hospital for the first 88 days of her life. When she finally came home weighing a whopping 4 pounds and 11 ounces, the apartment was quarantined. Life was still fragile. And the congregation continued to pray.

Then one Sunday unexpectedly this miracle baby came to church and we were all lifted by her presence. We praised God for His answer to our prayers.