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Camp Walter Scott Fall 2014 Work Days

Work Projects at Camp Walter Scott

Fall, 2014

You’re invited to join us at Camp Walter Scott these weekends – September 13, October 4, November 8

We’ve accomplished a great deal this year – come and see how you can help – lots of jobs for many different skill sets. Cleaning – indoors and out, painting, repairs, landscaping, cutting firewood, etc


Here’s a list of things we’ll do

Project List

  1. Clear leaves at fence at south lagoon
  2. Add more gravel to main road to shop, parking areas & roads to shelters
  3. Paint hallway to restrooms in dining hall
  4. Finish repairs on shelters, including tarps Shelter 7 needs a roof repair
  5. Clean the volleyball court + reset posts + add sand or plant grass
  6. Trim tree branches
  7. Repair chairs in dining hall
  8. Clean and repair gutter and soffit – NW of dining hall kitchen
  9. Fix basement leak in dining hall basement – get plumber to scope drain
  10. Cut trees and split firewood – we can always use more
  11. Check all trails – add mulch/wood chips to trails
  12. Build bench at frog pond
  13. Kill weeds around lagoons + duckweed
  14. Rebuild the labyrinth – grass only?
  15. Dining hall – new entry doors
  16. Power wash all metal roofs
  17. Clean carpets in host house
  18. Cabins, #1 and #2 – insulation, weather stripping, sealing cracks, etc
  19. Repair or discard trailers at shop
  20. Install metal roof – north side – small shelter
  21. Install metal roof on the shop

Contact us to Volunteer

Call us at 217-739-2332