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Renewing Worship


A Webinar from Lexington Theological Seminary

Led by Dr. O. Wesley Allen, Professor of Homiletics and Worship
Saturday, September 6, 2014: 1:30 –3:30 PM

Too many churches focus solely on the issue of musical tastes or liturgical styles in relation to worship. In this webinar, Dr. Allen will offer a different model to shape congregational conversations about the evaluation and renewal of worship, regardless of whether worship is “traditional” or “contemporary.” The webinar is oriented toward groups in a congregation with some responsibility for and interest in planning and leading worship – worship committees, worship teams, choirs, praise bands, staff, and laity.

Gather a group at your church, go online, and let Dr. Allen kick-start a new conversation for you about how to serve God better in your worship services – and how to make the service more meaningful and relevant for the community of faith.

You may participate either on campus ($15) or online ($10) by registering on the seminary’s website (www.lextheo.edu/events) or by contacting Dr. Bill Turner at 859/280-1253 or [email protected]. Log-in instructions for online participants will be sent upon your registration. AND, once you’ve paid your $10 fee, you are welcome to gather a group of church members or friends to join you – at no extra cost!
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn and grow!

Renewing Worship Registrations

Notice that one of the great benefits is that a $10 online registration allows them to participate individually – AND to include as many others (church members, Sunday School teachers, Elders, worship committee members, etc.) as they like. We hope that this will greatly enlarge the learning base.

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