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Pentecost Special Day Offering 2014

By June 5, 2014June 10th, 2014No Comments

Pentecost Special Day Offering 2014

Pentecost offering information

Do you remember what year our church started? Every church was new once. What was it like here in those days? Horses and wagons for transportation. Fire for heating and cooking. Face-to-face for communication.

And what was the context for ministry then? Maybe church leaders were thinking things like this –

  • No one should have to ride more than 5 miles to get to church
  • As we settle this part of the prairie, people need one another and they need God. Our church can help fill those needs.

The founders of this congregation did the right things to plant a new church in this community, one that would have a strong start – one that would survive and thrive. This church is a great gift to us as it has been for many others over the generations – and we thank God for that.

From the founders, we fast forward to the current day – how would you start a new congregation today? What information would you want and what decisions would you need to make?

This morning, let’s picture Chicago, let’s go to Logan Square, northwest of the Loop – a changing neighborhood, greatly improving. Lots of young people are moving in, lots of businesses are popping up.

And three young seminarians – from California, Minnesota and Illinois – got together and said, “Let’s start a church. Let’s bring in people like us and do church a new way – Saturday night, during a great meal – worship with conversation and communion.

This dream is happening! It’s called Root and Branch Church and one of the ministers is a protégé of Michael Karunas at Central Christian Church in Decatur. This smart, lively, connecting church is faithful and responsive and attractive. They have now added a Sunday morning worship experience in a local theatre. And, they’re growing.

You and I helped this new church start through gifts we have made to the Pentecost offering. We’re starting hundreds of new churches in our Region and throughout the US and Canada. And it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first five years to give a congregation a strong start.

Want to help Root and Branch church thrive? You can – today. In addition to our regular tithes and offerings, we encourage you to consider an over-and-above gift to the Pentecost offering. Help new Disciples churches far and wide as they begin their faithful ministries.