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The Christmas Offering:

By December 12, 2013No Comments

The Christmas Offering:

Hands down December is considered one of busiest months of the year. With the many activities and worship services happening both inside and outside, the church not to mention our recent wintery blast of snow that covered our Thanksgiving day.

Yet, in the midst of all of the great hustle and bustle of the season, I still find time to daydream. Sometimes daydreaming is good. It’s a confirmation of what could be. However, in the midst of my busy December, friends, I had a dream that Life was good. The Presents were all wrapped and beautifully, placed under the tree; the turkey was moist, and golden brown and my home was infused by the invigorating smells of Christmas pine in the air.

Too good to be true, you think? After that magnificent daydream, I gained my composure and simply asked this electrifying question, “Is there anything, I am forgetting to do?” Then a still small voice said, “Yes, there is one important thing that must be done – my personal contribution to the 2013, Christmas Offering.”

Friends and Regional Church Family, I would like to personally invite you to prayerfully consider making a powerful statement to both the Church and world by sending in your gift to the 2013 Christmas offering. Your prayerful and Spirit-led contribution goes to support the work and ministry of your CCIW Regional staff. Throughout 2013, your Regional staff found themselves ministering, educating, coaching and partnering in many different congregations, and venues. We are able to do so because of your prayers and financial support. Our staff is prayerful. Our staff is dedicated and gifted. We are eager to serve our pastors, lay leaders, youth and others toward becoming a church whose mirror reflection is that of Jesus. Whether it is through the Search and Call process, guest preaching, youth ministries or attending a board meeting to check in with you, we are always available. Many have expressed their love and care for us over the years, and we are extremely grateful. Here is what some members of the Regional Church are saying right now, today!

“Our experience with our Regional staff partner, and the ministry of Christal Williams in particular is that she has dedicated a majority of her life to furthering our understanding of who God is in our lives. We are part of her life, and she is part of ours.” R.Squires, Princeton, Illinois.

“I had a new position in my church which I was unprepared for and that left me feeling, at times, in total limbo. I prayed to God for help and guidance and he sent me my Regional Minister, Dr. Christal Williams. She was literally a God Send and I cannot thank the Region enough for the love, hope, guidance and support they provide through the Regional Ministers. God Bless You!” C. Stabile, FCC Gurnee, Illinois.

The Offering will be collected December 15 and 22, please feel free to share liberally, and magnetically, this Christmas with your Regional church.

With Hope,

Dr. Christal Associate Regional Minister
Youth Ministries, Women’s Ministries
Urban Metro Area