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The Christmas Offering [cont…]

By December 17, 2013March 21st, 2015No Comments
Dear Respected Member of CCIW,
Yesterday, when I attended for the Second Sunday in Advent worship at First Christian Church of Downers Grove, my dear home congregation, we had ‘Minute for Mission’ in an effort to give our offering and donate to the CCIW region, acknowledging each regional minister’s (Teresa Dulyea-Parker; Christal Williams; Scott Woolridge) personal history of compassion and care toward our church.
As much as I was given and nurtured by our congregation, I heard and witnessed FCCDG remembering the “acts” of CCIW: thanking for fundraising; constant search for ministers and elders; not giving up hope upon us even when we had been going through crisis and frustration.Although I still need to study more about the history of Disciples of Christ (Christian Church), I think our biggest strength must be the effort in “Making Disciples Together.” It might sound simple, but I believe the Holy Spirit works in and through us, in and through each Disciples’ human spirit and struggle, in solidarity and compassion, sharing vulnerability and empathy together.

The voluntary action of love and caring is what I found personally in Disciples, and I wonder and pray what we, as gathering to envision the future of our region’s ministry, will “do” and surely “can do,” according to the power of God, manifested in Christ. I will contemplate what I can contribute, how I can serve in action, not merely through words of mouth in vain, for the Disciples in and outside of our region, especially Disciples of color in North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD).Yours Sincerely,
Hyein Park.(Korean seminary student at Disciple Divinity House and member of CCIW Long Range Planning and Vision Team)