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Summit Schedule 2013

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SUMMIT 2013 YOLO (For God)

Lake Williamson Christian Conference Center

November 22-24, 2013

Weekend Schedule


Friday, November 22, 2013

6pm:  Doors will open for Registration in the Clark Room (No Registration before 6PM)

Please be advised: ONLY Adult Sponsors will register their group:

During Registration you will receive enough material for the registered youth from your group. The packet will include T-Shirts, Booklets and Other information about the weekend. Please note that we will not exchange T-Shirt sizes. You will receive what is marked on your registration form.

* Summit is on a Weekend Lock-In Status. Please plan to stay with us the entire weekend. Leaving and Returning is prohibited during the weekend. In case of an Emergency please contact the Regional Staff at the event. Our Summit Nurse is Leila Ward. She will have a room number available and telephone number at Summit.

* All Youth are expected to be with an accompanying Sponsor from their church. If not please be sure to make sure that arrangements have been made prior to the Event with another Youth Group Leader for the care of your Youth for the entire weekend. No Youth will be allowed to attend Summit without a Sponsor.

* Friends, there will be other youth groups on the Conference Grounds for the weekend. We are happy to be with other youth from around the State. However, we are asking members of the Christian Church in Illinois and Wisconsin to be sure to keep your Name tag with you at all times. Friends, in order to best identify our youth groups-we ask you to Keep and Wear your Name tags to all functions, and meals. You NEED IT TO EAT or to be part of any activities.  Also, wear your Summit T-Shirt and Wristbands, too! (Thanks)

*Please Remember: Room Assignments are made prior to coming to Summit. They will not be changed at the EVENT! PLEASE BRING YOUR BEDDING….ALL will need to bring Sheets, Blankets, Towels, etc.

*If you bring Snacks to share—please deliver them to the Clark Room and hand them off to a Summit Volunteer.

* Summit Volunteers:  The Summit Volunteers are a group of College Students and older adults who have enjoyed the Summit youth event over the years, and decided to return to assist the youth of our Region in finding their way up the mountain at this year’s Summit. They are will be with us to serve, while encouraging us all to have a good time. They will be there to answer questions, give directions and helping to lead youth safely to next part of the event. They will be around just in case some loses something or just in case someone just needs a friend along the way. You will be able to identify them by the color of t-shirt that they will be wearing. Contact Person for Summit Volunteers: Russ and Hope Nelson

* Regional Contact Person for the Summit Event and Weekend is the Rev. Dr. Christal L. Williams. Please see her if you have any questions.

*Registration questions: Terri Grove, Administrative Assistant for Summit. 309-828-6293

[email protected]



Upon Arrival at Summit you will be greeted by a Summit Volunteer asking that you would please leave your luggage and baggage on the van.  The Summit Volunteer will lead all youth to the Auditorium to be greeted by Eron Dupree and Greg Summers with activities.

When finished with the activity will be prompted by the Summit Volunteers to get luggage and move into the Sleeping Rooms to unpack and to get settled.

8:30PM: Drop off Luggage to Rooms and Change (Optional) for evening fun and recreational activities

8:45-10PM: Evening Activities

*Black Light Dodge ball, Swimming, Basketball, Rockwall, Racquet Ball, etc.

8:45PM: Sponsor Orientation in the Auditorium

9:15PM: Small Group Leader Orientation in the Auditorium

10:15 PM: Pizza with Small Groups- Meeting One (Café)

11:30PM: Evening Vespers in the Gymnasium (Activities building)

12AM: To Sleeping Quarters and lights out

Saturday, November 23, 2013

6:30-7:15AM:  Morning Exercises for our Early Birds (Optional) … Lead by Rev. John Sowers (Auditorium)

7-8:45AM:  Sign up for Affinity Groups (In the Narthex of the Auditorium)

7:30-8:30AM: Breakfast in Dining Hall

8:45AM: Pre-Session (Auditorium)

9:00am: Worship in Auditorium- Guest Speaker: The Rev. Geoff McClure- Mitchell, Pastor of Big Life Community Church, Oswego, Illinois.

10:45-Noon Small Groups Meetings (SGM)

12:30-1:45pm:   Lunch, Free Time, Recreation, Snacks

YOUTHINAR: The all Summit Seminar in the Auditorium

2-3pm:  Special Guest Speaker Chris Baker, Owner Ink 180

Tattoo Artist who removes tattoo for those persons who have been involved in Human Trafficking and Gang Activity.


3-3:15pm Snacks in the Hospitality Room in the Activities Center

AFFINITY GROUPS (Formerly Special Interest Groups) Everyone will choose one affinity group to attend for the day. Please choose the Affinity Group that you feel most connected too… Sign-up sheets will be available on Saturday morning in the Narthex of the Auditorium.

* If you are going to be part of the Photography Affinity Group, please bring your own camera.


  • 1) Social Media-What’s On Your Mind? Using Social 4 God! “Think b4 u tweet. Facilitator: Rev. Adam Frieberg, Location:
  • 2) The Choir- Singing in tune w/God- Giving praise to God through song. Don’t make treble with God. Facilitator: Allison Woolridge, Location:
  • 3) Creative Writing- Creating imagery through words for God. Facilitator: Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker, Location:
  • 4) Photography- May Snap @ any moment-Capturing & savoring the life you’re living for God. Facilitator: Pastor Amy Sue Johnson, Location:
  • 5) “The Youth Movement!” Proclaiming and strengthening the work of God through our ministry and life’s work with youth. This Session is For OUR Youth LEADERS~ Facilitators: Rev. Scott & Vicky Wooldridge, Location:
  • 6) Pro-Reconciling/Anti-Racism Team- “Understanding Equality & Change” (Same Love)Equality, People advocating for others; Elimination of Stereotypes and Understanding the Work of the PR/AR. This will be also a follow-up for those who attended the Epcot Experience in Orlando at the General Assembly 2013. Facilitators: Karon Alexander & Rev. Amy Wharton, Location:
  • 7) YOLO for God! –The 220 B Band: Living like there is no tomorrow- Hear the News about Jesus through our Guest Band. Facilitators: 220B-Band, Location:
  • 8) Sports and Christianity- Everlasting Victory through Christ! The Prize at the end is worth the endurance of the game of life. Facilitator: Geoff Mitchell, Location:
  • 9) We Have This Mission- “The Mission Movement” Proclaiming the word of God through Missions. Facilitator: Zane Ridings, Location:
  • 10) Worship Planning- YOLO for God in Worship- Those who attend this Affinity Groupwill plan and prepare for both the Saturday night, and Sunday morning worship experience. Also, you will help to lead! Come with your ideas, and excitement for worship. Facilitator: Rev. Kelly Ingersoll, Location:

5:15-6:00PM:   Affinity Groups Continue

6:15-7:15PM:  Dinner in the Dining Hall

7:30-8:30PM:   Keynote in Auditorium: Rev. Deidre Jones, Youth Pastor at United Christian Church in Country Club Hills, Illinois. (Lake Williamson’s Chapel)

8:45-9:25PM:      SGM

9:30-11PM:  Summit Entertainment- The Guest Band 220B, from Avon Lake, Ohio in the (Auditorium)

11:30PM: Evening Vespers in Gymnasium (Activities Center)

12PM: Sponsor Check In, Snacks (Activities Center)

1AM: In Rooms and Lights Out

November, 24, 2013 Sunday Morning

8-9AM: Breakfast (Dining Hall)

9-9:15AM: Loading Up Your Van

9:15-10:30AM: Small Groups

10:30AM: Pre- Session in the Auditorium

10:45AM: Worship – Each Affinity Group will make a thoughtful presentation on Sunday Morning as part of worship. The presentations will be the sermon for the morning.

12:30PM: Lunch, Be Sure to turn in your keys and final room check, Departure

1:15PM: Go with God!