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Thanksgiving Offering

By November 14, 2013November 19th, 2013No Comments

Your gift to the Thanksgiving Offering helps underwrite the education of students attending our 14 member undergraduate institutions and our 7 seminaries or divinity houses. You are helping ensure that when students from your congregation go away to study they will Come Home to a Disciples institution.

Coming home to a Disciples College or Theological School is possible through the scholarships and grants that are made available by generous individuals, the Disciples Mission Fund and your gifts to the Thanksgiving Offering. Together, we can make coming home to Disciples educational institutions more affordable. For generations thousands of students have attended the Colleges and Universities of the Christian Church receiving both a quality education and the opportunity to remain within our Disciple’s heritage. The Thanksgiving Offering helps continue this tradition.

Consider how important teaching and learning is to our faith community. Then, consider your investment not just in the student’s opportunity to learn but also as an act of stewardship for future generations.

Likewise, consider the many generations of pastors, who, if not for the support of faithful congregations and individuals over the ages would not have flourished as our pastors, teachers and leaders. Have you consider the impact of the pastor in the life of your church, community or region? Our institutions help prepare our pastors for the service and leadership they provide to our communities, let’s thank them by supporting the Thanksgiving Offering.

Historically, our denomination has led in founding and supporting higher education. Today, the Colleges, Universities, Seminaries and Divinity Houses find themselves in a transformational time, much like the Church. Your gifts will give students an opportunity to Come Home to a Disciples College or Seminary and help lead our ongoing transformation.

The Thanksgiving Offering benefits the Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, and Divinity Houses affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). These learning communities are an extension of the church, challenging students to understand and respond to God’s call to serve. Your support provides scholarships, church relations programs, and chaplaincy offices. Most importantly, your support of the 2013 Thanksgiving Offering helps Disciples Come Home!

Please give generously to this year’s Thanksgiving Offering.