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By September 12, 2013No Comments

Calling all Young Adults!

Are you a Disciples church member, student, pastor, lay-member, or seeker who is looking for a new and vibrant regional group? Are you twenty or thirty-something, or at least identify as a young adult? Do you know someone, Disciples or not, who would love to be involved in a group of young adults exploring ministry in all its manifestations, and deepened spirituality however it may present itself? If these questions have been on your mind, or if have just been sparked, please join the discussion and involvement that our young adult community is attempting to start. We want to hear the hopes for a group in the region, and how we can be church with one another. Please e-mail us or join our Facebook group to participate in the spreading of our own roots.

Sincerely, CCIW Young Adults
[email protected]