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Haiku Prayer

By July 26, 2013No Comments

Memorial Service:  Pastoral Prayer

A Haiku Prayer in memory of Albert Dulyea Parker

Shared on July 12, 2013

First Christian Church, Bloomington, Illinois


Spirit of Love, a

Haiku of Prayerful Caring;

Thoughts about healing


Held in caring arms

Dad has traveled well with us

That Journey complete


Memories we hold

Together we laughed and cried

A special moment


Life is everything

So it seems at first knowing

Then we realize


Mystery Divine

Captures hearts and every breath

A radiant gem


Spouse and friend now gone

Slipped away in slow pieces

Heartbreak at the loss


Feelings overwhelmed

Praying for an end to pain

Confusion to cease


And now stillness sits

Like a brick in brokenness

Longing sad …… and free


What now? as life moves

On to calling adventures

Spirit comes steady


Now, oh God, we pray

To let go; feel the presence

Of love freed to arms


Everlasting love

Alive in rich memories

Love never ending


God’s love for Al and

Al’s love for God and for us

To cherish sweetly


Ease our heavy hearts

Free our tender souls desires

To hold on tightly


Al’s spirit is here

God’s presence is deeply felt

New life transforms life


All of Al’s children

Fam’ly Rainbow Connected

Hearts full of caring


Hold Teresa now

Jeff and Travis also hold

Loving forever


More and more and more

Amen and again Amen

So be it, Amen.

The Rev. Doctor Carol P Vaccariello