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Outdoor Ministry

By June 22, 2013December 1st, 2014No Comments

Dear Camp Directors,

First, thank you for being willing to serve as Directors for our CCIW Outdoor Ministries. We are praying for a wonderful summer of faith and fun. And, the heat has turned up, so we know Camp must be starting.

Second, Glenda Nineth Lopez Ordonez is a 19 year old Mayan Christian woman from the countryside in Guatemala. She is coming to participate in our summer camping program. I’ve attached a schedule for her participation. We had hoped to have two young women to support for each other. The visa process failed. Glenda is young, she has never flown before. She needs our best hospitality. Dr. Christal and I are making sure she has what she needs to survive at our Camps: towels, shoes, sleeping bags, personal items. We know that you will also make sure she is welcomed and included. Vanessa Velazquez will be her translator, from June 18-July 10. Vanessa is from our congregation in Milwaukee. Please encourage Glenda to share her story with your campers—her faith, life, and experience with our mission partners in Guatemala.

We still need some help with transportation to and from Camps. And, hosts for weekends off. If you can help or have church members who are willing to help, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you again for your sharing of your time and energy with our young people,


Glenda sch