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Clergy Ethics Seminars

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Completing the Clergy Ethics Training at least once every three years is a vital part of maintaining your standing with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

These educational events provide opportunities to refresh your knowledge on continuing ethical issues and learn new information about hot topics such as social media ethics, financial ethics and other 21st century issues. You may also learn self-care tips to prevent burn-out and keep the minister and congregation healthy.

For clergy entering the Search and Call system, completion of at least one course every three years is required to obtain a letter of reference or verify good standing from the any of the Regional Ministers.

2013 Course Options

Download the brochure/registration form.

“Clergy Self-Care”: Thursday, October 10th @ FCC in Moline, IL

The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center will present their program “God’s Own Peace” which utilizes some aspects of the Bowen family systems theory to help clergy understand the need for self-care and overcome barriers to achieving that goal with meditative prayer and other solutions.

“Pro-Reconciliation, Anti-Racism”: Saturday, October 12th @ United Christian Church in Country Club Hills, IL The CCIW Region’s own PR/AR Team will present this session about racism in the church and provide options for understanding racism and working to become a pro-reconciling, anti-racist congregation.

A special note: This year marks the transition from offering one topic for all 4 of the year’s session to offering a variety of topics on 4 different dates. You may choose whatever topic suits your interest or is located or scheduled most conveniently.You do not need to attend all 4 session; please choose 1 session each year. It is recommended that you select a different topic every 3 years to remain well-rounded in your ethics and boundaries education.


Clergy Ethics (Healthy Boundary) Opportunity

The Eastern Association of the Illinois Conference, UCC, is sponsoring a Boundary Training session.

 Boundary Training Opportunities in the Eastern Association.  

November 20th in Bloomington

December 9th in Gilman

Reply  to register for these events at:
[email protected]