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Camp Emails

By June 24, 2013August 27th, 20132 Comments

Email for campers! The e-mail address to send a message to campers while they are at camp (both Pilgrim Park and CWS) is:

[email protected]

or by filling in this form!

Error: Contact form not found.


  • Hi Coley Zeigler!!!!!!!!!!! We love you and hope you’re having the time of your life with everyone. I’m sure God is blessing your week and making it amazing! Can’t wait to hear all your stories!!!!

  • Hi Coley! I love you and miss you! I got your letter today and I am so happy that you’re having a wonderful time! I am so sorry that I didn’t get an actual letter to you; I was afraid it was too late to reach you. I have written one and will give it to you Saturday! Can’t wait to see you; hope you get that creek walk in! I love you!