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Online Donations

We are now able to accept your donations electronically! Your gifts to the Region help support all the important ministries the Regional Church provides.

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You can also set a recurring donation – monthly, quarterly or yearly! With “set-it and forget-it”, donating to the Christian Church in IL-WI has never been so easy.


Have questions or concerns? Contact [email protected] or call the office at 309-828-6293.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports ministries of the Regional Church such as Outdoor Ministries camping, clergy learning, Global Ministries partnerships and the establishment of new churches.

If you would like to donate to the Annual Fund, please send your gift by mail to:

CCIW, 1011 North Main Street, Bloomington, IL 61701

Disciples Mission Fund


Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations have opportunity five times a year to give to special over and above offerings through the Disciples Mission Fund.  These offerings are each designated for particular ministries of the wider church. Publicity and resource materials are mailed to congregations by the Disciples Mission Fund approximately two months before each offering.

Permanent Fund

The Permanent Fund of CCIW consists of all funds placed into a permanent endowment, the proceeds of which are used by the Region to expand the witness and mission of Jesus Christ in the world. The Permanent Fund is not intended to compete with regular giving to Disciple Mission Fund, or to the CCIW Annual Fund, nor to diminish the opportunities for responsible stewardship by present or future generations.
If you are considering supporting Regional Ministry by contributing to the Permanent Fund, please view this informational brochure and form.

Stewardship Resources

Stewardship in Your Congregation

Need some help looking at stewardship in your congregation? Try this assessment tool

Key questions to ask our leaders

  1. What is our understanding of stewardship?
  2. What kind of givers does God want us to produce here?
  3. What kind of experiences do people need in order to become that kind of giver?

Ideas to consider

  • year-round stewardship education
  • Bible study on stewardship
  • sermons & testimonials
  • teach personal finances
  • talk about our ministry and our priorities reflected in the budget
  • develop a list of good stewardship resources

Want to talk more about your church’s journey?

Contact –
[email protected]